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We offer international forest management and investments through innovative and sustainable practices, employing nature-based solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Join us by investing in diverse and precious climate forests.

Learn more about our climate forests.

 We are 

Climate Forest

Sustainable Growth and Forest Conservation for Climate Change Action:

We oversee 70,000 acres of forestland worldwide with a focus on North America, Northern Euope and Africa. 

Wit a Climate Forest you can create a positive ecological impact that also generates a financial return.


Companies as our project partners can use the ecosystem services of the Climate Forest as compensatory measures for their unavoidable emissions.

At the same time, they are promoting the development of species-rich and valuable mixed forests.


acres forest 

6 Mio

tons of CO2 storage


acres scanned


tons of CO2 reduction capacity

Our services


We implement sustainable forest management practices that prioritize mature tree preservation, biodiversity enhancement, and digital monitoring, ensuring both ecological balance and long-term timber value.


We provide tailor-made forest investment solutions to both institutional and private investors, offering the option of including comprehensive forest management services.

Climate Forest

We transform forests into thriving ecosystems, paving the way for a prosperous future. The Climate Forest, rich in biodiversity and vitality, is both our ultimate goal and the premium offering we provide to our clients.

We Make Climate Forests.

Through nature-based solutions we create enduring, biodiverse and profitable 'Climate Forests' for increased carbon sequestration and enhanced biodiversity.

For that we have developed our own, natural forest management system that ensures a value-oriented, gentle and target-oriented forest development.

Get to know us:

Partner with our experienced forestry team for secure, transparent management of your investment, driving positive change in sustainable forestry.

Transform forests into thriving ecosystems.

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Are you passionate about healthy forests and a thriving planet? We are too! Explore impactful opportunities in sustainable forest management, forest investment and building biodiversity-rich Climate Forests.

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