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Climate Forest is a German-American organization operating in New Brunswick, Canada and Maine, U.S., with a steadfast commitment to forest conservation and sustainable management. We leverage nature-based solutions to combat climate change and biodiversity loss, recognizing the economic and ecological value of these natural spaces. Discover more

 We are 

Climate Forest

Balancing Progress and Preservation in the Fight Against Climate Change:

Overseeing an expansive 70,000 acres of forestland across the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada, our focus lies in championing climate protection via nature-based solutions forestry practices. Our strategy encompasses a spectrum of efforts; from implementing reduced logging to advocating absolute conservation, fostering biodiversity, and deploying advanced management solutions. We strive to strike an equilibrium between progress and preservation, understanding the inherent value of these forests in combating climate change.


thousand acres forest

~6 Mio

t CO2 storage


acres scanned


cord annual timber growth

Our services


We implement sustainable forest management practices that prioritize mature tree preservation, biodiversity enhancement, and digital monitoring, ensuring both ecological balance and long-term timber value.


We provide tailor-made forest investment solutions to both institutional and private investors, offering the option of including comprehensive forest management services.

Climate Forest

We transform forests into thriving ecosystems, paving the way for a prosperous future. The Climate Forest, rich in biodiversity and vitality, is both our ultimate goal and the premium offering we provide to our clients.

Growing Climate Forests: 

Harnessing Nature in the Fight Against Climate Change

Central to our mission is the strategic cultivation of nature-driven solutions, manifested in the form of enduring, biodiverse, and profitable 'Climate Forests'. We achieve this through the promotion of organic forest growth, harnessing their inherent capabilities as a sturdy confederate in our collective fight against climate change. Dive into the heart of operations where we're not just growing forests, but nurturing powerful allies for a sustainable future.

Get to know us:

Guided by our skilled forestry experts, your investment is secure. Their vast experience and deep knowledge ensure your contributions are expertly managed, providing you with utmost confidence in our endeavors.

Let the woods grow old and transform them into thriving ecosystems.

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